16th December, 2015

Employees receive too little appreciation


Non-monetary recognition as a central motivation resource is very underestimated by many companies. Only 42 percent of workers believe that their performance is sufficiently recognized. The company, which classifies the global consulting firm Hewitt Associates in the study “Attractive Employer” as being attractive, is one in two employees with the esteem in which he learns of his superiors happy.

Recognition of job performance is scarce. Where companies have clearly pent-up demand. Managers can counteract this deficiency, by emphasising the power of their workforce regularly and publicly. Purpose they should be trained reinforced to communicate such value estimates to employees successfully.

The Hewitt study measures the attractiveness of employers from the perspective of the employee, because the employee engagement is a key factor for the economic success of companies. The employee survey, the assessment of the personnel programs and the strategic vision of the company’s management are the core elements of the investigation.

Half of the employees of a rated as attractive employer is satisfied with the appreciation towards them. Attractive employers create an environment in which employees feel committed to and above average for the company’s success.

“The high esteem for its own employees, transparent and clearly defined development opportunities and recognition of performance have the greatest impact on employee engagement”,

Nelson says Taapken. With top companies two-thirds of the workforce are highly committed and motivated, while the average for all companies is only 52 percent.

1. Dedicated top management

top management and executives of the attractive employers have recognized that the employee is an essential key to success is. They convey this successfully the feeling of being the most important asset of the company. Compared to other companies they are for your employees more visible and approachable, the basis of trust between management and employees right. Successful leaders regularly talk about the strategies, visions and objectives of the company and should play the role of employees in achieving their goals. In addition, there is on the respective management level higher agreement on corporate strategy and values.

2. Unique corporate culture

Top employers offer their employees a unique corporate culture and ensure that newcomers to the values ​​and culture of the company fit. They create a work environment that are often communicated in the successes and recognized and celebrated. The continued existence of the corporate culture is backed by high potentials are identified within the company and built to executives. Feedback and suggestions from employees are welcomed and are more common than in other companies involved in the decision process.

3. Coordinated HR programs and excellent implementation

Attractive employer support staff with their programs exactly what is strategically important for the company. The programs are both coordinated as well aligned to corporate strategy and vision. Management and staff support the results of staff work and recognize it as an effective means to achieve strategic business objectives. The top employers hire also successfully ensure that their employees understand the company’s goals and can articulate.

4. Talent management and development opportunities

Attractive employers offer more opportunities for professional and personal development, as reflected in the comparatively high employee satisfaction shows up with their professional development opportunities. Moreover, the top employers know better which employees they need to achieve the company’s success. Accordingly, they internally develop their talents, rather than recruit externally. In addition, they successfully implement processes for the systematic identification, development and retention of their top talent.

5. Performance orientation and Empowerment

The top employers allow their employees personal responsibility and recognize outstanding achievements accordingly.Individual goals and business objectives are clearly communicated – the employees know what is expected of them.

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